CGN meeting August 20th 1-3pm at Manchester Historical Society – 175 Pine St. Manchester, CT.

Join us for an opening discussion on Old Burying Ground concerns and a presentation on some of the newest updates being done with Lidar Mapping of old burial grounds.

We thank the Historical Society for providing us the space and we also wanted to use this opportunity to introduce the CGN first open to the public library collection

Presentation on updates of Lidar Mapping by Tom Elmore Company.

This is the latest in working with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Lidar together they can create a more realistic map, an almost 3D experience showing how the above ground features line up with the below ground readings; graves or other features that would with maintenance or renovation issues.

Thomas Elmore of Elmore Design Collaborative, LLC

Landscape Architecture & Historical Landscape Architecture & 3D LiDAR Scanning



Ruth Shapleigh-Brown will formerly introduce the group to the library at the Historical Society which now includes an assortment of books and references on Gravestone topics and John Spaulding’s work from the late 1990’s & 2000’s with binders of photos and lists from around the state and other spots in New England.

DIRECTIONS: For Access from HWY 384 east is exit 3; go right off exit over hwy and left at light (Main St. intersection with Stone Church on left); about a ¼ mile up you will see Cheney Theatre on your right and Pine St. is the next left.

Parking can be had on Forest St. side of building, (between Pine and Elm St.)  but do enter the building from the front door on Pine St.   Pleasant street just past MHS can also be used for parking as well.


For direct information on the GPR grant opportunity provided by our State Historic Preservation Office use this link….

This link below should take you to a listing of CT Preservation links. Search Results

Also please visit our State Historical Preservation Office Website for information on the latest on grant actions and Historical Preservation programs.  They are working to help us protect our history!

We appreciated that Cathy Labadia and other staff members came out to our last meeting to speak with us and support our interest.

Historic Cemeteries and Gravestone Protection

For information on the Grant opportunity for a -then 1 acre cemetery to request GPR work.